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Professional Experience Staff

CIMSgts has worked with all of our customers to develop an application that meets their needs.   CDCIS is architected to allow for plug-in architecture that in house developers can customize to add functionality to the system as needed.  CIMSgts consultants are available for implementation needs and training needs

CDICS is a web based application.  Typically a default installation takes very little time.   Factors that effect the installation time are ensuring the person performing the installation has appropriate rights for the web server, and the person has appropriate rights for installing the default database.  Other factors that impact installation are items such as data conversion requirements, security requirements, inputting user information etc.

CDCIS is a complete TB, HIV/AIDS, and STD system with a great deal of flexibility in configuration.  Some of customizations that are available are the setting up of the security, the sequences, the medicines that are managed by the system, the protocols that can be assigned to cases, and several other items.  However all of these functions are all managed easily through the application. The most important factor is to ensure proper planning has been completed prior to setting this up.

Typically CDCIS consultants are involved in the initial setup of the system.  We have found that beyond the basic installation requirements, the CDCIS consultant can ensure an efficient application deployment   We have consultants available who are qualified to help install, configure, train and deploy the solutions

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