top of page is designed to assist Health Departments in maintaining their patient data, in a regulartory manner.

CDCIS.NET changes the way you view Case Management for TB, STD, and HIV/AIDS - a complete secure, web browser-based data entry and management application for data gathering and reporting of these  Communicable Diseases. CDCIS.NET is a simple and customizable solution that can be utilized inside and outside of Health Departments.

CDCIS.NET provides: Patient Management, Surveillance, and Reporting to the CDC.  It also provides: Medication scheduling, Implementation of Protocols for Drug dispensing and continued testing based on your standards, 


With CDCIS.NET, there is no longer a requirement for long and tedious file transfers or waiting to enter information until someone else enters their information. CIMSgts has designed this application to support your daily work activities in a way that is helpful and intuitive.

How Will CDCIS.Net
Impact My Organization?



Management may customize “responses” to change text, values, and more for nay field. Plug-in policy libraries support  further customization.

Management  may restrict user groups to  specific screens and may further limit user  commands within those screens. Flexible  navigation minimizes clicks and reacts to context. Custom wizards provide navigation thru new patient entry and other data items.


  • Application

  • Group Based

  • Page Level

  • Patient Location

  • Database Level Security.


  • Required Fields

  • Help Dialogs

  • Enabling/disabling of fields

  • Making Fields Not Visible

  • Page Load Event

  • Pre & Post Database Commit Event

  • Any .NET Language

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